Why Do Some People Learn English Faster Than You Do?

By Jonay Suárez, Head of Marketing at Wibbu.

A cousin of mine learnt English in three months just by listening to songs. A friend of mine took six months and did it purely by chatting to an English guy. A classmate achieved it by completing one of those 1000-word courses. And then you go, you do the same as them, and you fall short. Does this sound familiar to you?

Let’s not draw any conclusions here. You are not anything less than them. Instead, all that is happening is that there is no perfect method for everyone. Every person is different.

The key to learning isn’t in the method – it’s in you

I remember a classmate from school who could pass his history exams just by listening to the teacher. I’m sure you know someone like this. Unfortunately, when I listened to the teacher, I just feel asleep. Was he more intelligent than me?

No. My classmate and I just had different intelligences. His intelligence type, according to Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, was verbal-linguistic – a very different intelligence type to mine.

The interesting thing is that although we possessed different intelligences, we both passed our exams. Why?

Because we each applied the method that best worked for us. He knew that he could process information by listening, but since I had a different intelligence type to him, I drew sketches and images to help me study.

Find your strengths

Before deciding on an English course, finding a private tutor, or downloading a language app, identify and understand your strengths. Find out your intelligence type. To do this, try to analyse how you learnt and memorised things at school, or how you do it now.

Once you have this, find a method that suits you best, be it more theoretical or more practical. Perhaps one with songs, or one with videos. A game. An exercise book. Whatever it is, choose the one that is best adapted for you. Try out many methods and stick to the one that works best.

Now that you know why other people have been learning English before you, it’s time to show that you can too. You can also speak English. So let’s get studying!