Seven Questions For Our Language Experts: Elisa & Hannah

By Jonay Suárez, Head of Marketing at Wibbu.

How many languages do you speak? Which did you find particularly difficult and why?

Hannah: English is my first language and I also speak French and Spanish. I would say that Spanish was easier for me to learn because when I started I already had a good knowledge of French. As they are both Romance languages there are some similarities between them.

Elisa: I’m fluent in three languages: Spanish, English and French. I also speak a bit of Catalan and Italian. For me, the most difficult was English due to the structural and phonetic differences with Spanish and the sheer amount of vocabulary you have to learn.

Are you learning any other languages at the minute? What do you do to motivate yourself?

Hannah: Yes! I’m currently learning Russian. To stay motivated, I make sure I never miss a class and I always try to focus on what I can do and what I do understand rather than what I can’t do or what I don’t yet understand.

Elisa:  Not at the moment, but I would love to! To keep myself motivated, the most important thing is for me to make the process of learning fun and to practise whenever I can so that I can check how I’m getting on.

Why did you want to join Wibbu?

Hannah: Joining Wibbu has given me the opportunity to work as part of a great team on something fresh and exciting. I work at Wibbu two days a week, which allows me to continue with my other work, which includes translation for the international development and human rights sectors and language teaching.

Elisa: I decided to join Wibbu because I think it’s a really exciting project. We are a young company full of people with great ideas.

What is the biggest challenge that you are facing at Wibbu at the moment?

Hannah: The greatest challenge for me is to find the best way of adapting language learning methods that have traditionally been used in the classroom for use in a video game.

Elisa: My biggest challenge at work is to find the perfect way to teach English to many students who have very different motivations for learning.

Why do you think that video games are a useful tool for learning languages?

Hannah: Video games can be a good way to learn languages for people who enjoy games and want to try something different from traditional classroom learning.

Elisa: It’s a very cool way to learn because it’s enjoyable and you learn without realising.

What advice would you give someone who needs to learn English but doesn’t think that they’re cut out for it?

Hannah: Practice frequently and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Never give up!

Elisa: Learning a new language can be quite daunting, but everyone can do it! The most important thing is your attitude: try to set specific goals that you can achieve in a short period of time and, above all, be positive!

What sentence, saying or word do you use most in English?

Hannah: “Do you know what I mean?”

Elisa: The word I use the most is definitely “basically.” I use it a lot!