Ruby Rei wins an ELTon!

When we started Wibbu, our one goal was to build better language-learning products. We wanted to create experiences for young people that fostered true emotional connections to their learning. As we grew, we began to set our sights on new milestones. On 18th June 2018, we hit one of these milestones: we won an award at the ELTons.

(For those of you who aren’t as up to speed on your language-learning awards, the ELTons are like the Oscars of the English language teaching world. Tuxedos, canapés, teary thank-you speeches – they have it all!)

While in between meetings on a work trip in New York, I found myself sitting in an Irish pub, with the England-Tunisia World Cup game up on the big screen, and the live stream of the ELTon awards on my phone. I honestly can’t say which was more compelling…


Liam McGinley and Antek Kopacz collect the ELTons award for Learn Languages with Ruby Rei

Co-Founder & CTO Liam McGinley and Artist Antek Kopacz collect the ELTon award for Learn Languages with Ruby Rei

I wasn’t prepared for the moment when our name was called out. 5 years of hard work and rollercoaster start-up life is tough. You rarely take a moment to step back and look at everything that you’ve achieved in that time. When our name was called out as the winner of the Digital Innovation award, a whole range of emotions flooded through me.

But no emotion surpassed the extreme pride that I felt for our team. The group that built the Learn Languages with Ruby Rei video game is one of the finest groups of people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of collaborating with. Developing a product with an equal emphasis placed on the teaching and the gaming is tough, but our team poured their hearts and souls into everything they created with Ruby Rei.

So this one’s for the team. For the passion and the energy. For the collaboration and teamwork. For the nights spent sleeping on the office floor. For the nights spent not sleeping at all. This one’s for all of you:

Liam McGinley – CTO, Co-Founder
Jonay Suárez – Marketing, Co-Founder
Kota Tamura – Head of Language, Co-Founder
Truan Flynn – Head of Product, Scriptwriter
Amaan Rizvi – Unity Developer
Matt McKenzie – Software Engineer
Moi Borromeo – 2D & 3D Character Artist
Elisa Arnaldos Giner – Linguist and Teaching Specialist
Marc Guirao Majó – Game Developer
Hannah Baverstock – Linguist and Teaching Specialist
Gemma Suen – 2D & 3D Character and Environment Artist
Ali Jamalzadeh – Lead Artist
Yukiko Goto – Producer



There’s plenty more to come from Ruby Rei, so be sure to keep an eye out for new updates.

Much love to all,

Dean x


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