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Increases student engagement

Improves test scores

Encourages natural and functional language acquisition

Listening, Speaking, Reading and Typing practice

Built by Teachers for Teachers

Decades of Experience

Teachers who struggle to find curriculum aligned resources for their ELL classroom will rejoice! Structured and designed by teachers with decades of combined experience in the classroom, we understand the need for engaging resources that actually deliver results.

Classroom Ready

We want teachers to do what they do best: teach.
That’s why Ruby Rei is a classroom-ready product.

    1. WIDA curriculum aligned
    1. SSO integration
    1. Teacher dashboard

The Pedagogy

1. Empower
The learner is introduced to the core elements of the story, along with the relevant grammatical structures, functional language and vocabulary of the story or level in use.


2. Experience
The learner plays the target level of the game or reads and listens to the target story.


3. Express
A series of follow-up activities and tasks helps the learner express their opinions and ideas on the game or story.

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