Ruby Rei School Edition: How It Can Work In Your ELL Classroom

It is official. Wibbu has launched the new ELL classroom suite for the USA Ruby Rei: School Edition. Standards aligned, packed full of engaging story lines and educational content, Ruby is ticking all of the boxes required for any successful language class.

Let’s take a deep dive into the methodology of Ruby Rei: School Edition.


Ruby Rei is an interactive experience. It asks students to go on a language learning adventure with its lost protagonist, Ruby. Ruby is smart, capable, and a great communicator. She wants to meet new people and solve mysteries wherever she goes. She is the perfect avatar for the young inquisitive mind.

Mixing mind-bending puzzles with communication-based tasks, Ruby’s journey is designed for maximum engagement. Ruby’s goal is to navigate a strange and unfamiliar world, looking for her missing friend Moli 3, and making a few new pals along the way. With eighteen distinct environments, colourful characters to meet, and thousands of lines of translatable dialogue, this ELL video game is a truly immersive experience. Learning is easily compartmentalised with the aid of the accompanying coursebook and the game can easily be picked up and put down depending on the needs of your class.

Features Include:

Reading practice: Every line of dialogue is enabled with our tappable translation system. Students can control the amount of help they want when reading any line of text.

Listening practice: Dialogue is accompanied with audio, performed by a large cast of professional actors. Hear proper pronunciation and enjoy added context through richly created characters.

Speaking practice: Ruby keeps a log of an unfolding mystery as she searches for her missing friend. Students are encouraged to hear and repeat phrases.

Writing practice: Ruby stays in touch with her friend through an in-game social media device, the MoliCom. She can have text conversations with her buddy alongside handy prompts for directions to take conversations.

Ruby’s is an adventure of empathy and understanding. She works to bring out the best in the characters she meets, negotiating safe travel, engaging with the depressed, and bringing together the conflicted. It is this conflict management that makes Ruby Rei such a compelling lead, sparking class discussion and promoting positive choices.


You’ve met Ruby in her own video game adventure. Now delve deeper into the galaxy she is exploring with eight ELL prose stories. Totalling 7,000 words of background information on your new favourite characters, these stories pull from the styles and themes of popular YA novels to keep engagement high.

  • Meet Moob. He’s in love with Meebee, and he’ll do anything to win her affection. But is Moob listening to what Meebee wants?
  • Hugo is the all powerful king of water. But he has… motivation issues. It will take a mysterious stranger to get Hugo out of the house and on an adventure.
  • Victor is the fastest taxi driver on the planet and he’s going to prove it. But when a series of tough choices threaten to derail Victor’s big race, will he make the right decision?
  • Ruby has accidentally ‘borrowed’ a dinosaur egg and it is about to hatch! Ruby is on a rush to return the baby dino to her mother.
  • Leo is the meanest shopkeeper in the market. But a new girl called Ruby Rei is in town and lovely gifts are appearing with her. Does Leo have a secret that connects him to the spirit of generosity?

And more!

Each story follows the perspective of a different character and holds different lessons. Travel, Sport and Leisure, Animals, Food and Drink etc. The stories are dense with vocabulary and grammar points.

Like the video game, Ruby Rei’s universe expanding stories are narrated and acted by a group of talented professional thesps. This creates a wonderful continuity with the game. The stories are also sound tracked and feature animated segments that enhance and contextualise.



After each story, a series of distinct digital activities await a student, testing listening, reading and writing skills. Write a postcard to a character. Create a Christmas gift list. Listen to a conversation and separate relevant facts. The activities follow the established Ruby Rei world and art style, but with an emphasis on more structured learning.

There are 32 exercises to challenge a student’s growing abilities. With an auto-marking system, kids can easily check their progress and receive useful hints to keep moving forward. Submit your answers for an instant review and then go back to adjust your answers. Exam prep has never been so easy!


You have a video game. A series of stories. A set of course-aligned activities. That’s a lot to absorb. Luckily, we’ve crafted a comprehensive teacher’s book that covers every learning point, lesson plan, vocab list. We have it covered!

Do you want to know all of the possible interactions in a video game level? It’s in the teacher’s book. Do you want to know the density of a single topic embedded in a story? It’s in the teachers’s book. Do you want ideas for lessons, group discussion prompts, creative and critical thinking suggestions? Well, you get the idea.

We created our Ruby Rei coursebook as a user bible that can easily navigate a teacher through a year enjoying the Ruby Rei product. It was built with several rounds of feedback from teachers during our extensive piloting process, and we believe it has everything you need to get Ruby Rei integrated into your class, as an all-purpose system, or simply a fun supplement to add to your existing lesson plans. That’s the great thing about Ruby Rei. You can use it as much or as little as you want. Make the suite work for you and fill in any potential gaps in your teaching.



Good communication is the key for any teacher/student relationship. But it doesn’t hurt to have a little head start when you are planning your lessons. The Ruby Rei dashboard tells you where a student is at with their learning, where their struggles and successes lie, and helps to clarify a way forward. Progress is the name of the ELL game and our clear, intuitive dashboard tracks progress and enables the unblocking of any struggling student.


So now you know a little more about the Ruby Rei: School Edition. It’s time for you to try the system out for yourself. Get in touch and secure Ruby Rei in your classroom. Ready to go? Get your Ruby Rei licenses here. Independent research has proven that Ruby increases engagement and results in students by over four times. Bring that kind of success to your class today.


Truan Flynn, Educational Game Writer