Ruby Rei Nominated For Ed Tech Awards!

Ruby Rei On The Red Carpet

Hold the press, we have a special announcement! Ruby Rei is on the awards circuit and she’s picking up more nominations than Meryl Streep at a pre-Oscars luncheon. As one of the first language-learning video games, we’re excited to be on the radar of some pretty prestigious organisations. So, which ed tech awards are we currently in the running for?

Learn Languages with Ruby Rei is nominated for the ELTons Digital Innovation award, organised by the British Council! Moving into its 16th year, the ELTons celebrate and reward creativity and a forward-thinking approach to English Language Teaching on a global stage. It’s big!

Previous winners include:

  • Little Bridge – a moderated, safe space for children around the world to network and communicate.
  • Doctors Speak Up – Language resources for international medical graduates.
  • Fiction In Action – Interactive Whodunits that absorb kids in language through mystery.
  • Text Inspector – A tool for teachers and learners to inspect the complexity of any text and instruct accordingly.

The ELTons place a spotlight on up-and-coming teaching tools that might just change the face of language learning in the future. We’re honoured to be nominated alongside Oxford University Press’s Essential English, Prosper Education’s Royal ABC, and Tri Pro’s English Aids. Ruby Rei is in great company!

The Best In The Biz

The ELTons are especially exciting because of the institutions that support the awards. This year, Cambridge Assessment English is a key partnership with the British Council in bringing these ed tech awards to an international audience. Here’s CAE, describing their language-learning ethos:

For us, learning English is more than just exams and grades. It’s about having the confidence to communicate and access a lifetime of enriching experiences and opportunities. Working together, we inspire learners to go further. With the right support, learning a language is an exhilarating journey. We’re there with learners every step of the way.

Cambridge Assessment English, partners in ed tech awards.

We’re hoping the big brains behind the awards will respond to Ruby Rei’s daring adventures into language acquisition. We’re nominated alongside exceptional apps and websites, but we’re hoping our novel way of teaching will help us stand out. Our commitment to fun, excitement, and mystery has got us this far!


We’re Cool Too!

Did we mention we have more than one nomination? Ruby Rei is also in the running for the EdTech Cool Tool Awards (Language Learning Solution) – run by EdTech Digest. We’re in a tough group of very cool solutions, including, POLYGLOTS, Live Lingua, Languagenut, and LOL: Learn Other Languages. But they don’t have spaceships so we’re feeling good about ourselves.

Of course, it’s flattering to receive nominations for any Ed Tech award, but we feel like winners when anyone is using and enjoying Ruby Rei. The best review we can get is that the system is working and someone is having fun learning a language. We wouldn’t mind a statue or two along the way, but our ultimate goal is to change the world of education. That’s a commitment to innovation that requires your voice.

So if you’re using Ruby Rei and it is working for you, let us know! We want every kind of feedback. (And if you really love it, let some ed tech awards know too. It couldn’t hurt…)

– Truan Flynn,  Educational Game Writer