Lessons From A Distant Planet: Meet The Characters Of FUN with Ruby Rei

If you’ve spent a little time on our website, you’ll know that Wibbu makes game-based education products and courses. And if you’re one of our lucky partner schools, you’ll also know all about our English language-learning course for Cambridge A2 Flyers level, FUN with Ruby Rei. Start your journey with Ruby, and become immersed in a story that expands your vocabulary, consolidates your A2 grammar, builds emotional connections, and exposes you to everyday, functional English.

Through the characters and situations we build into our stories, we are taking this unique opportunity to send positive messages to young learners while we have their attention. With that in mind, let’s meet some of the characters of FUN with Ruby Rei, and learn why they are such effective avatars for thought and discussion.



A galaxy-hopping excitement-seeker and amateur photographer, Ruby will go to any lengths to snap the perfect picture. She loves her friends, and she loves meeting new people. But when her spaceship crashes on an unknown planet at the edge of the universe, Ruby’s easygoing nature and spirit of adventure will be tested to the limit.

THE LESSON: Ruby is on a journey to become a better communicator. Admittedly, she has found herself in a sticky situation, being stranded on an alien planet and all. But Ruby will learn that everybody’s story is important, and time learning about others is time well spent. The clock is ticking on Ruby’s mission, but the ability to slow down and really appreciate a moment is the beautiful takeaway from her epic journey.



Hugo is a god. He is all-knowing, all-powerful, and always telling you how amazing he is. In reality, Hugo just wants to stay in bed. He has self-image issues, due to looking like a tiny lizard. And he really, REALLY doesn’t want to go on an adventure.

THE LESSON: We designed Hugo as an avatar for a very real and very serious condition. Depression. Hugo is a depressed god who doesn’t want to leave the house, doesn’t accept help, and doesn’t want to explore life’s possibilities. Hugo’s journey is one of acceptance and resilience. With Ruby, he pushes through his fears of rejection and re-enters the world. Wibbu is proud of Hugo’s character arc and we love to see how children respond to the character’s growing confidence over the course of the game.



Meet Soo San. A warrior. A guardian. A champion. He’s on a mission to save his village from the wrath of a vengeful water god and he’s not particularly interested in chatting about other things. Restoring water to the village is his sacred quest. Do not, under any circumstances, call Soo a plumber.

THE LESSON: Single-minded, unhelpful, inert with pride, Soo San is your typical five-foot tall warrior. Players will spend several levels trying to get Soo on-side and communicating. His reluctance to engage with people that can’t further his goals are revealed to be a huge shortcoming (don’t tell Soo he’s short!) Ruby will thaw Soo’s chilly exterior with her relaxed yet persistent nature. Soo will learn that real friends can come from unexpected places.



Moob belongs to a race of indistinguishable humanoids called the meeb. They don’t believe in names, gender, or doing anything other than established meeb things. But Moob has a secret. Moob is in love with a local market girl called Meebee. Against all odds, he will prove his love for her.

THE LESSON: Moob is on a journey of change. His devotion to Meebee (who is oblivious to Moob’s existence) drives his desire for individuality. We are excited to introduce a male character that is entirely defined in relation to his female counterpart (as opposed to the other way around). Wibbu uses Moob to promote the importance of difference and personal fulfilment. Of course, Moob needs to learn that self-improvement will only stick if it is for the right reasons.



Meebee is the first of her kind to self-assign a name and a gender. She is a true trailblazer in the meeb community and her influence is being felt by other local kids who are excited by her change. Meebee is studying to be the first meeb in space. A spacemeeb! She is building her own spaceship and has huge ambitions beyond the simple market life she yearns to leave behind.

THE LESSON: While we believe that a character’s emotional learning and personal improvement is never complete, Meebee is pretty darned close. Meebee knows what she wants and she knows how she is going to get it. She has all of the individuality that Moob so craves, and pretty soon she will be rocketing among the stars on her own adventures. We created Meebee as an inspirational and relatable character for young girls.



Curmudgeonly Victor is the local cab driver for the market beyond the drowning deserts. He likes to avoid trouble, but he’ll take the odd dangerous journey, if the price is right.

THE LESSON: Victor’s is a lesson of compassion. Despite his better judgement, the gruff and laconic Victor will soften to Ruby’s plight and help her through a particularly perilous part of her journey. Victor learns that sometimes it is worth going out of your way for nothing more than a big thank you and a hug.


And There Are Plenty More Characters To Meet!


Did you like meeting a few of the characters that populate Ruby’s adventure? We’re just scratching the surface, because Wibbu is excited to explore this exciting universe further in the ongoing instalments of Ruby Rei! We love drawing people into our world. Get in touch on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think.



Truan Flynn,  Game Writer