How do I purchase Ruby Rei?

Visit our How to Buy page here.

What language skills does the game develop?

Increased vocabulary. Confidence when speaking. Authentic pronunciation. Sentence construction. Ruby Rei trains the player to learn incidentally.

Is there any research about the benefits of the game?

Yes. Read the findings of independent research into Ruby Rei’s affect on learning and motivation. Download a recently-published white paper from our Districts page.

What is Ruby Rei?

Ruby Rei is a video game to learn languages. Our ELL School Edition comes with 8 beautifully animated stories for the classroom, as well as accompanying exercises. There is also a Teacher’s Book containing lesson objectives, lesson plans, classroom activities, and more.

Can I use one license for several students?

We recommend one license per student as this allows students to save their individual progress. It also means that teachers can see each student’s progress on the Teacher’s Dashboard.

What methods of language acquisition are used in the game?

Ruby Rei is designed around the principles of incidental learning. By putting players in engaging, exciting situations, the game pulls down the affective filter and gets students learning. Read more about this in our Blog.

Is the game aligned with ELL standards?

Yes! Ruby Rei: School Edition is aligned with WIDA standards, as well as the Texas TEKS standards and Californian ELD standards.

What level of fluency can be achieved when I have completed the game?

A player’s results depend on their experience and engagement when playing the game. Ruby Rei is designed to build confidence in language students and make learning exciting. We recommend the game for beginners, as well as lower and upper-intermediate learners.

What languages can I learn?
Ruby Rei: School Edition currently supports the learning of English for native speakers of Spanish and Portuguese.
What age range is the game for?

Ruby Rei: School Edition is ideal for English Language Learners of any age. We have schools using the product at Elementary, Middle and High School level.

What devices are compatible with the game?

Ruby Rei: School Edition is available for Chromebooks and Windows.