New digital ELL product to be showcased at FETC 2018 Pitchfest

New digital ELL product to be showcased at FETC 2018 Pitchfest

Digital Education studio, Wibbu, releases Ruby Rei: School Edition


Florida, USA, January 22 2018Wibbu, a Digital Education studio, are releasing a much anticipated new edition of their language-learning video game, Ruby Rei. Ruby Rei: School Edition is especially designed for the ELL classroom, by a team of teachers, language experts and video game developers. Ruby Rei: Schools Edition is an interactive story-based suite incorporating reading, writing, listening and speaking practice.

Ruby Rei will be at the FETC convention in Florida (find their booth 1254) and they will also be participating in the Pitchfest event at FETC. Alongside eleven other forward-thinking EdTech resources, Ruby Rei will be presented to thousands of representatives from districts, schools, and classrooms.

“The FETC Pitchfest is exciting and important as it provides the opportunity to discover not only the many companies and technologies that are making a difference in education today, but also those that will propel us into the future of learning,” said Rebecca McKenna, VP of Global Events for LRP Conferences.

With five minutes to present and up to three minutes to answer questions from the judges, entrants must demonstrate why their educational resource is the future of the classroom.

Emcees for the event, Rita Ferrandino and Kevin Custer said: “These companies have developed technology that is cutting-edge and demonstrates a clear understanding of the needs of schools and districts.”

With an emphasis on natural language acquisition, Ruby Rei’s teaching focuses on stories and dialogue that encourage immersion and conversation. Wibbu has developed a tappable translation system where the switch between native and target language is at the learner’s fingertips.

Ruby Rei is aligned with the WiDA curriculum and is an adventure story that follows a positive protagonist on a journey of discovery across space. Students engage in language lessons as they uncover clues about Ruby’s situation and work to progress her story forward. Wibbu have combined incidental and directed learning to balance a student’s interest with the core curriculum.

Independent efficacy tests conducted by Dr Simon Moore (BSc, PhD, CPsychol), leading Chartered Psychologist and Member of the British Psychological Society, demonstrated how language-based games like Ruby Rei can help children develop their language learning.

Founder and CEO, Dean Jacobs said: “With Ruby Rei, we wanted to answer the question How can you educate kids in a modern age where teachers compete with Hollywood blockbusters, time consuming TV shows, and hyper-realistic video games? The challenge is to match these mediums with something equally engaging when bringing technology into the classroom.”

“The truth is that children want to be immersed in a world. So we created the kind of story they would engage with in their spare time. The story is the lesson. Within that framework we are able to push the most able learners further and allow the less able to work at their own pace. Like any video game, the challenge is fluid.”

“To support Ruby Rei in the classroom, we knew we had to guide teachers through the game. Teachers are busy. They have to plan and prepare lessons before class, and then grade students’ work afterwards. So, we made an intuitive activity with simple instructions and a teacher’s book that brings blended learning to the classroom with the key points of the curriculum covered.”

Ruby Rei has been piloted in the US over the past few months. As a result, a new dashboard has been developed with the help of teachers’ feedback.


Ruby Rei’s key functions:

  • WIDA aligned teachers book.
  • Reading, writing, speaking and listening tools.
  • Individual stories, dense with vocabulary and grammar.
  • Reviewable exercises after each story.
  • Dashboard to track progress.

For more information visit the Wibbu Stand at FETC 2018 (#1254) or go to