Classroom Innovators: How Ruby Rei Can Help You Teach Languages

Ruby Rei is an all-purpose language acquisition tool. Designed for teacher-led classroom use, and supporting a range of ages and abilities, Ruby Rei is fast becoming the language teacher’s secret weapon.



The key to Ruby Rei’s success is that the learning system is built around play-based, immersive language exploration. Pupils are invited to embark on an exciting adventure as Ruby Rei, an explorer of distant and forgotten worlds. She visits, she catalogues, and she communicates. Players are led to interact in a chosen language, all in the service of forwarding a story, collecting clues, and furthering their enjoyment. This is called incidental learning.

By uploading Ruby Rei on the class iPads, you are speaking your pupils’ language. Beautiful visuals, engaging voice acting, exciting gameplay. All of the things children enjoy when they play a video game at home.

For a quick tease of the excitement of Ruby Rei on a mobile device, check out this trailer…

Looks pretty good, right? We think your pupils will agree. Blasting through the affective filter, the video game  is designed to draw children in and keep them on the learning hook.


Usage of Ruby Rei can be flexible. We’ve made sure it ticks all of the language criteria you will need, but feel free to use it as a supportive tool in your teaching. Some teachers run entire lessons in the video game. Others spend a few minutes playing at the beginning of class to inspire discussion and spark a new topic.


We believe the Ruby Rei video game is the ultimate teaching resource. But, just in case…


Did we mention that Ruby Rei was created by a team of teachers? The story, the learning points, the consideration for well-being, all from teachers for teachers.  And we’ll be here if you need us, offering advice and support. We believe partnerships with Ruby Rei are extremely affordable considering the wealth of resources that will be at a teacher’s disposal. And beyond the video game and textbook, you can expect round-the-clock tech advice (we service teachers in multiple time-zones), a growing online community that shares tips and lesson plans, and full access to Ruby Rei merchandise. Posters, wall charts, marking stickers! Bring the digital world of Ruby alive in your classroom.


We’ll be updating our blog daily with ideas for lessons and exciting news about Ruby Rei’s impact in the classroom. If you’re already on-board, we’d love to hear about your class experiences with Ruby. Contact us with your story and we’ll feature you in the blog!


And if you’re just discovering the universe of Ruby Rei, contact us now for an information pack. We want to tell you more about the exciting teaching possibilities.


Truan Flynn,  Educational Game Writer