Aligning With Success: The Wibbu Way


What does every teacher want? An engaged class. A happy learning environment. A sense of control, alongside a healthy dollop of innovation.

What does every teacher need? Results.

Education is a results-driven business. Meeting deadlines, hitting targets, rinse and repeat, year after year. The measure of success shifts frequently, and passion for the work can be dampened by continued stress.

The recipe for results-driven success lies in flexible teaching materials. Support systems that will keep both students engaged and districts satisfied.


A Design For Success

Wibbu creates digital teaching materials for the ESL classroom. We recognise the needs of teachers in a results-driven environment and we create resources to meet those needs. That means tailoring our content to your curriculum and ensuring that you will get the numbers you need by the end of the year. That is the fundamental requirement for Wibbu to function.

Beyond results, we create engaging, immersive, fun language learning adventures! We service children in the class with incidental lessons and lower the affective filter with an emphasis on stories and puzzle solving. Distract kids into engaging with learning and get you the results you need! We make video games, we create characters, we build worlds. It’s fun. But we never forget that teachers need results.

We were so confident in Ruby Rei’s capabilities as a curriculum aligned teaching tool, we ordered an independent efficacy test to prove it!

The Results

Dr Simon Moore (BSc, PhD, CPsychol), leading Chartered Psychologist and Member of the British Psychological Society, conducted research to demonstrate how language-based games like Ruby Rei can help children develop their language learning. 30 children aged between nine and ten years old, supported by teachers from Danegrove School, London, participated in the study.

The Ruby Rei experimental group improved in their Spanish language proficiency (a 22.5% increase), twice that of the children who used online interactive flashcards (only an 11.5% improvement).

Evidently, playing Ruby Rei was significantly more interesting than going online with interactive flashcards. Children playing the Ruby Rei game voluntarily engaged in the activity four times more (5.5 hours) than the children using the online interactive flashcards (only 1.4 hours).

And playing Ruby Rei was significantly more fun (as self-rated by the children) than going online with the flashcards. The children exposed to Ruby Rei rated themselves as having twice as much fun than the flashcard control children. So that’s a big win for the adventures of Ruby Rei!


What Does It All Mean Doc?

Taking your children on a language learning adventure is a proven recipe for getting results. Bring your class together with a shared goal, bring energy to your lessons with storytelling, and feel the benefit as exam season looms. Do you want to a part of Wibbu’s success story? Trial Ruby Rei in your class and add your experience to the mix. The data says you won’t regret it!


Truan Flynn –  Educational Game Writer