7 Reasons Teachers Love Using RUBY REI

Why do teachers love using RUBY REI as a resource? Here are 7 reasons you should bring Ruby into your classroom.



RUBY REI has been structured, designed, and translated by teachers with decades of combined experience in the classroom. We understand the need for engaging resources, and we built the game with all of our empathy for teachers at the forefront. RUBY REI is a user-friendly experience. With an intuitive design, accompanying text book, and further online resources, we are here to truly support your teaching needs.



Make your language lessons an addictive learning experience with the episodic and cliff-hanger laden RUBY REI. There are many different ways to play the game and structure your lessons. Take it one level or environment at a time. Or set a class goal at the beginning of the lesson. Perhaps focus on one character or conversation. Our teaching textbook will offer ideas on how to position Ruby in your class, but we also encourage you to go off-book! We’ve designed RUBY REI as an exercise in incidental learning. Have fun with all of the different ways you can engage the children with a learning adventure.



We built RUBY REI to function as more than just a language acquisition device. The game also promotes emotional intelligence and we worked to build challenging, character-building situations into the narrative. We’ve discussed before the importance of promoting positive values in the class to help focus and support learning. RUBY REI teaches and consolidates individuality, confidence, empathy, co-operation, and the spirit of positive thinking. Children will want to discuss the difficult decisions they make, their initial judgements of characters, and their excitement as they watch their avatar grow and change.



With our tappable translations system, RUBY REI is positioned to teach children as young as five through to young adulthood. Each line of dialogue is split into a series of translatable words that can be accessed in any order, depending on the needs and confidence of the player. The class experience teaching a 7 year old compared to a 14 year old can be completely different. Ruby’s world is challenging yet relaxing, with an emphasis on fun as opposed to intense situations. Older kids won’t be bored, but there’s nothing to scare the little ones.



We know how tough it can be to reel a class of children in and keep them on the hook until the bell rings. Attention wanders, technology can distract, and the lesson can fall apart. It is time to speak the pupil’s language by using the visuals of gaming culture to our advantage. Ruby Rei looks great! There, we said it. At a glance, kids would not realise Ruby Rei is an educational endeavour. How many other teaching resources can you say tick that box? Colourful worlds, exciting characters, level design that promotes exploration, all in service of learning. With an experienced team of educators Wibbu is always confident in the teaching content, but we worked really hard to not drop the ball on our presentation. First impressions are everything.



Do you ever get tired of talking in class? We know we do. And often the language resources you find online – recordings from native speakers, foreign cartoons, music – just don’t cut it. We’ve talked about how Ruby Rei’s tappable translations keep players learning. But did you know we’ve worked with a whole host of international actors to bring the adventure alive?!  Yes, every character is professionally voiced by an amazing thespian with the skills to make your pupils laugh, gasp, and shed a sneaky tear. And we’ve ensured that quality is matched across the board in every language. Our Japanese cast is as strong as our English. Our French, as amazing as our Spanish. Perfect for context and pronunciation practice, and integral to the immersion process.  Choose the language you want to teach, and enjoy as our actors take you on a journey.



Independent testing of RUBY REI in schools revealed that children improved their language understanding significantly more than those who did not play it. The Ruby Rei testing group improved in their Spanish language proficiency (22.5% improvement) twice that of the children who only used online interactive flashcards (11.5% improvement). Oh, and did we mention, this was in ONE WEEK! Children playing the Ruby Rei game voluntarily engaged in this activity four times more (5.5 hours) than the children using the online interactive flashcards (only 1.4 hours).


Teachers love using Ruby Rei. Now we need to get the word out, and make this kind of play-based learning the standard. With Ruby, Wibbu is embarking on a journey into the future of teaching. We want you to come with us, and help build a community of forward-thinking educators. Let’s change the world, one classroom at a time!


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Truan Flynn, Game Writer